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What is MetaBoid? MetaBoid results in a very hard case on the surface of the component. Specifically, this is useful in the case hardening of gears and similar components which are subject to a great deal of wear in hostile environments. This diffusion coating heat treatment process is especially useful if there is a requirement for a hard, wear-resistant surface, overlying a much softer and tougher core. A good example of its application is a gear wheel. The surface of the teeth needs to be extremely hard so that they can withstand constant metal-to-metal contact, without undue wear. The underlying material needs to be tough so that the teeth can tolerate occasional impact loads, without the risk of fracture. 

MetaBoid can be used to give a hard case onto the cheapest steels which are often not capable of being case hardened because of their chemical composition. MetaBoid results in lesser distortion than traditional carburizing or carbo-nitriding techniques.

What is MetaBoid?

MetaBoid is a thermo-chemical process based on our proprietary plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition technology. Within the framework of this process, the surface layer of components is enriched with ions capable of forming compounds with the carbide forming elements in the base material in order to improve the mechanical properties of the component surface layer. For this process, there are various furnace technologies, such as pot furnaces and chamber furnaces with sophisticated automation.

No quenching is needed to attain the hardness therefore the MetaBoid process produces relatively lower distortion levels compared to other case hardening processes. 



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